Tuesday, December 1, 2009

ECP In Court Today

In a sidebar in today's Tribune, today is the day that State District Judge Kathy Seeley will hear arguments involving a dispute between ECP, the Public Service Commission and Northwestern Energy.

Since 2007, when the State legislature refused to allow ECP to sell power to residential residents, Northwestern Energy has refused to allow ECP to provide new electric meters to its existing customers. ECP turned to the PSC for help, but was rebuked.

In February 2009, ECP sued the PSC; however, the City Commission never publicly voted to do this. (At the Feb. 2 ECP board meeting, Coleen said the deadline to file the suit was Feb. 17. When I pointed out that Feb. 17 was the next scheduled City Commission meeting, she finally, after her usual facial contortions, indicated the City Commission could hold a special meeting. They never did).

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Great Falls Guy said...

How did they get away with this? The PSC legal beagles' should be made aware that this action was brought to court illegally and therefore is moot and should be dismissed. They must be required to show the public record on the vote of the city commission-which of course does not exist. The commission broke the state laws on public records and participation, it did not occur! Case dismissed.....