Tuesday, December 1, 2009

ECP Is Fined

As Travis first posted here, ECP has been fined $23,260 by the Public Service Commission. They did not comply with the rules by obtaining renewable energy credits for 2008. (Thanks very much to David at KRTV for posting the memo from the PSC detailing their decision).

No big deal though, because according to Coleen Balzarini, the fine is only $5,815 more than if ECP had complied with the rules in the first place. (Travis also explains why this is not the case). He also disagrees with her statement that this fine will be passed onto existing customers. Hard to do since some customers have fixed rates and their contracts can't be adjusted.

As usual, everything and everybody else is to blame for ECP's ongoing ineptness. Thankfully, the PSC didn't buy into their lame argument and did not grant them "mercy", as Coleen had hoped they would.

As Ken Toole, Vice Chair of the PSC board, indicated: "It's important that the the rules are consistently applied".

Too bad the City of Great Falls doesn't consistently apply the rules. If they had, ECP would have been dissolved a long time ago and we wouldn't be going through this mess.

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Anonymous said...

And the beat goes on with city staff, NO accountability.