Tuesday, December 1, 2009

ECP Advisory Board

Here, I posted about several City advisory boards that have openings. Filing deadline is this Friday, December 4.

The ECP board has two openings, but they were not posted. Why?

Yes, I know the $60,000 consultants recommended this board be reduced to three members, but we didn't hear of that news until last week. And besides, there has not been public action taken to reduce this board's numbers.

What's going on? According to their bylaws, this board is to consist of five members. After December, they will only have three.

Could it be that report was available sooner than we think?

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Anonymous said...

Just more deceit by city hall staff to screw the public! Can January get here soon enough to hopefully (new commission) put the brakes on these people? Lets get our city hall back I am tired and disgraced with SILLY HALL!