Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Will There Even Be A Video Conference?

The regularly scheduled meeting of ECP was canceled last night, because "scheduling the date and time for the next ECP Board meeting will be determined subsequent to the video conference meeting with the City Commission and Burns & McDonnell".

Interesting that an assumption has been made that a video conference is going to take place. Publicly, there has not been an announcement made to that effect.

I'm wondering why Burns and McDonnell would even make an effort to "show-up" at a video conference. They've been paid in full (here and here) for their services in spite of the fact that our city manager, Greg Doyon, said the report didn't answer all of the questions about ECP.

And if they do agree to a video conference, how much are they going to charge to tell us what they should have told us initially?

And speaking of full payment for this report, who authorized it? To the best of my knowledge, the Commission certainly didn't. Once again, payments were "authorized" after they were made.


Anonymous said...

We can guess Doyon ATE it for
Balzarini on ECP's no show...what
a guy......

Anonymous said...

Seems weird that the city manager can direct that someone BREAK the law. Its still SILLY HALL.

John Q. Public said...

Doyon cancels citizen boards WITHOUT authority, fails to deal with ECP breaking the city's law and fails to hold consultants accountable for items not delivered!!!!??? Three times wrong!

Anonymous said...

John Q. Public is right:

Three strikes and your USUALLY out, but this is Silly Hall folks and its just a big game for them with your money!

Anonymous said...

Doyon was hand picked by the old guard, did you really expect change?

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:44.

I must assume from your comment that Mary Jolley is part of the
"old guard" as she was on the commission when Doyon was hired - unanimously.