Tuesday, January 5, 2010

"Dereliction Of Affairs"

As noted yesterday, ECP did not meet last night at what should have been a regularly scheduled meeting. Instead, they used the excuse that they will meet after the teleconference with the Commission and Burns and McDonnell.

As Travis reminded us, Bronson made a huge deal out of reappointing two of the ECP board members so they could conduct business at the start of the new year. As most of us suspected, that was nothing but show on Bronson's part.

There was no viable excuse for not meeting last night. There was plenty of business to conduct besides the B&M report. For starters, they could have followed their own bylaws, which indicate they are to appoint officers at their "regular January meeting". And if following the rules weren't enough reason to meet, there are always the monthly financial reports and updates on lawsuits they can pretend to discuss.

Even though this is a do-nothing board, it is still an official advisory board to the City Commission. As Travis pointed out, it's a "dereliction of their affairs" to not meet.

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Lt. Col (R) Richard Liebert said...

Mayor Winters and Commissioner Jones are both vets, and understand what dereliction of duty means...ECP failed on its
obligations to meet, as B & M
may NEVER interface with us, and only for more $$$$$.