Thursday, December 17, 2009

Bronson Sets The Tone

In today's paper, the Tribune has an article about the stunt pulled Tuesday night by the outgoing commission.

On the agenda was the reappointment of two ECP board members; Ebeling and Golie. Several members of the audience and two new commissioners, Mayor-elect Winters and Fred Burow, requested that the current commission table these appointments.

Not surprisingly, they did not. They voted 4-1 (Jolley dissented) to reappoint.

Commissioner Bronson was so upset that he even interrupted the mayor when she was calling for the vote. He proceeded to bloviate about why this action needed to be taken. Yes, Mayor-elect Mike is correct when he said that he felt Bronson was "talking down" to the new commissioners; he was. In fact, he was talking down to everybody, which is nothing new.

His argument, that the board needed to be filled so that business could be conducted in the new year, is ridiculous; three members constitutes a quorum, which they would have had. And given that about the only thing this board does is approve the minutes, it's not a big deal to go into the new year without all five members.

The hypocrisy is blatant; he got all worked up over the ECP advisory board reappointments, but isn't concerned at all that ECP is breaking the law by not being in compliance with its own ordinance.


Anonymous said...

We may have to hold our noses for two more years with this fella. Rest assurred he will be mostly sitting in the" Dunce's Corner" for most of that time!

Anonymous said...

Bronson all about the smoking ordinance and entirely neglecting ECP's consistent violation. What does that tell us?

Anonymous said...

Tells me he is a sell-out