Monday, January 4, 2010

No ECP Meeting Tonight

This just in:

Electric City Power Meeting
As discussed at the December Electric City Power Board meeting, scheduling the date and time for the next ECP Board meeting will be determined subsequent to the video conference meeting with the City Commission and Burns & McDonnell.

I find it interesting this little tidbit couldn't be posted sooner.


Great Falls Guy said...

I was at that last ECP Board meeting when Chairman Gollie was ending the meeting he clearly stated that the next meeting would be held January 4th. There was no motion or vote to change that date. There ECP charter clearly states that they will meet on the first Monday of every month. Just more lies and deception from this outfit lead by Ms. Balzarini.

Anonymous said...

Bronson said a vote to renominate the board members was critical for business continuity. Well, he did not lie so to say, just not the way you would expect.

So the monkey business is safe and secure.

Great Falls Guy said...

In my above statement I should have said acting vice-chairman Bob Pancich. Golie and Ryan were both absent from the December meeting.

fleeced said...

City staff shooting itself in both feet, the head and the gut! As a friend of mine said, they're 'rotten from the gutfat up'!