Wednesday, December 9, 2009

ECP Board Openings

Here, I posted about the lack of public posting of the openings on the ECP board.

On Monday night, Travis braved the weather and, in his words, the sublime comedy that can be ECP meetings, and attended their board meeting.

According to Travis:
"Also, Mr Eberling let it be known that he would like to be reappointed. (His term expires at the end of this month.) Ms. Balzarini said he should make that intention clear this week because the city commission meets next Tuesday.

Whoa there nelly! With respect to Mr Eberling, I think any reappointment by the outgoing city commission would leave an extremely bad taste in everyone’s mouth. I think the practical outcome of the city election should be some diversity of opinions on the ECP Board".

Not only would it leave a very bad taste in everyone's mouth, but to the best of my knowledge, as I already mentioned, there has never been any public posting of these openings. (Golie's term expires as well). He can't just be reappointed because he wants to be.

Oops. I just remembered. This is ECP. They don't need no stinking laws.

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Publius II said...

How these vacancies are handled will be very 'telling'.....let's hope wisdom prevails and city staff announces these fairly and openly to the public through the local media, print, TV and Cable 7. The citizens voted for change and candidats who would insist on open government and fiscal accountability.