Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Chicken Caper

In yesterday's paper, the Tribune had an article about a Great Falls couple who want to keep a handful of chickens in their yard.

They went to the city and were told by the Community Development Department it was OK.

But it wasn't OK, according to the Planning Department.

What bothers me is that they were told it was OK by one city department, more than once, but another department comes along and says no, according to the ordinance, you can't.

This is nuts. How in the world are citizens supposed to abide by the laws when various city departments have a different understanding of how those laws read?

According to Acting City Attorney, Chad Parker, "Bocock and Reichert might have received the go-ahead from the Communi­ty Development office, but he said the Planning office would have been a better choice. Animal control officers also could have helped, according to Parker".

Don't blame the citizens Chad. They did the right thing. They contacted the city. The fact the city doesn't know which end is up is not their fault.

The city is the one with egg on their face, not these folks.


Abused said...

Business as usual at sill hall, prosecute individuals but don't hold the commission and staff ACCOUNTABLE to the city's own codes, charter and ordinances!!

Anonymous said...

Our so called city leadership and many city department heads break and bend the rules at will-the public be damned. I hope the new commission takes note and cleans the house as soon as they move in. I can see the chickens running now-bun intended!

Anonymous said...

Who is the Parker guy - shouldn't he be the final say as Acting City Attorney rather than referring people to another department? Looks like "Acting" is the key work here.