Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Right To Be Heard

At last night's City Commission meeting, Larry Rezentes, local CPA, was told to "wrap it up" in the middle of his explanation as to why he doesn't think the city has the authority to hire a consultant to determine the feasibility of ECP.

Evidently the mayor didn't like hearing Mr. Rezentes take the city to task for being in violation of Ordinance 2925 (section 5.20.070) and for a pattern of misrepresenting ECP numbers.

The majority of his explanation was technical, and because he was speaking rapidly, it was not at times easy to follow, but he was speaking during NEW BUSINESS, which does not have a time limit. He was on topic and deserved the right to be heard to the end of his dialogue.

At least his remarks are on the record and the mayor once again proved how much she dislikes OTAG; Open, Transparent, Accountable Government.


Anonymous said...

Off with his head she cried, what a witch!!!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Rezentes would like to have you believe he is a local CPA, but he isn't. He is not licensed in the State of Montana to call himself a CPA.

Check it out for yourself:

GeeGuy said...

Anonymous, I am not sure how you know what Mr. Rezentes would like to have us believe, but the fact that he is not licensed as a CPA in Montana has much more to do with the fact that he works for the federal government than the fact that he isn't qualified. See, he's not a PUBLIC accountant, so he doesn't need to be certified accordingly.

I have a degree in accounting. Therefore, I am an accountant. A CPA? No.

How about you take issue with what Mr. Rezentes has to say instead of taking cheap, unwarranted shots at straw man qualifications he never claims?