Monday, July 6, 2009

ECP Board Meeting - July 2009

Normally, ECP meets the first Monday of each month, but because of the holiday, they rescheduled their meeting to Monday, July 13th.

Guest speaker will be Jim Morin, Director of Shell Energy North America

Bob Pancich, past chair and current board member of ECP, requested that Jim cover the following topics:

* Current infrastructure to deliver gas to HGS
* Is there sufficient capacity to deliver the needed gas for HGS and the City of Great Falls?
* How large are the existing gas supply lines?
* Is there sufficient excess capacity to provide for growth into the next 20 years?
* Do we have to consider building a pipeline to supply the plant? How long would [it] be?

Mr. Pancich also wants him to address the supply of gas now and into the future as well as these other areas of concern:

* What is the source of the gas supply? Canada? or where?
* What about proven reserves? How large are they?
* What about price? Can prices be 'locked in" for 20 years?

I'm acquainted with Mr. Morin and am looking forward to his remarks.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting, this will be very interesting.

Anonymous said...

Nice agenda if you are SME's lap dog.

How about getting a speaker to address things like, oh I don't know... maybe how to run reseller utility in the black?