Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Coleen Does It Again

Last night was a tough night for the supporters of ECP and its director, Coleen Balzarini.

First, Larry Rezentes took her to task and then Kathy Gessaman inquired why the June power payment of $650,000 was once again not listed on the over $5,000 report. Coleen said it was paid on time, but she forgot to list it.

To recap: At the June 16 City Commission meeting, it was brought to Coleen's attention that no power payment in the amount of $650,000 had been reported as being paid to SME for the month of June. She indicated that the wire transfer was made on time, but missed the report for the 16th so it would be on the next meeting's report, which would have been last night's.

Mr. Gessaman inquired of her later how many other couple hundred thousand dollar expense items have been forgotten.

That evidently sent her over the edge, because she left the meeting and never came back. (You may remember that just over a year ago she did the same thing). This time though, her boss didn't go out after her.

For her sake it was probably just as well she left, because Ed McKnight's comments wouldn't have made her feel any better.

She has nobody to blame but herself.


Anonymous said...

Coleen aka Lawton in drag has put Doyon in his place; on the bench.

Anonymous said...

Ed McKnight is a smug jerk, just like you. Hope the people have better sense than to elect either one of you.

Anonymous said...

Just can't help yourself, can you Dona? (8:46am)

Anonymous said...

Sandra, Ed and other candidates,

Thank you so much for exposing yourselves to the harsh vulgar attacks of our current administration.

Please end the tyranny that has divided this city and put us so far behind.

Words alone cannot express how much I appreciate your efforts.

DC Watcher said...

When it comes to this mayor, cronies and certain staff, thier
actions and lack of respect for the public is inexcusable - and the bums OUT!

Anonymous said...

Tuesday night, right after the meeting you can find Balzarini and the bunch down at the City Bar. She could use this extra time to talk campaign strategy with Jones.