Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Natatorium Meeting

What: Meeting with the City Commissioners at the Natatorium
When: 7:00pm, tonight, May 25

Below is a memo from Aaron Weissman, chair of NC#7:

Natatorium Supporters;

I am pleased to relay to you that the Women's 3 p.m. Water Aerobics Class has organized a meeting at the Natatorium tomorrow with the Mayor and the City Commissioners. This meeting will be to "introduce" the Natatorium to the Mayor and Commissioners and to brainstorm ideas to find the funding to keep the Nat open. The meeting will be tomorrow, 7 p.m., at the Natatorium.

The Water Aerobics class would like this meeting to be very positive and respectful. They also would like the Commission and the Mayor to see the broad support the people of Great Falls have for the Natatorium. Please consider attending this meeting tomorrow evening.

I also would like to take this opportunity to thank Tim Austin for offering to write and host a website supporting the Nat. The site will be online soon at the address www.greatfallsnat.com. In addition, Renata Birkenbuel has agreed to give us the benefit of her grantwriting experience. She will begin looking for and applying for grants to support the operation and repair of the pool.

Thank you for your continued enthusiasm,


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Lt. Col (R) Richard Liebert said...

Aaron, good start and I would suggest you ask the city to reimburse what ECP 'borrowed' from Park and Rec since 2003 fot it's persistence and ILLEGAL losses...that's the COLLATERAL damage here from the millions squandered on ECP and the animal shelter, where the police were only supposed to be three months, not three YEARS!