Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Not Much New

At last night's joint City Commission/ECP meeting, not much of substance was accomplished.

Commissioner Bronson will organize the questions to be asked of the Burns and McDonnell folks on Feb. 18. Once reviewed, they will be given in advance to B&M and posted on the city's website.

Ole Stimac, the new vice-chair (elected last night) of the ECP board, suggested that the ordinance be rewritten so that ECP will no longer be in violation of it. (This was also a suggestion from the Burns and McDonnell folks). He suggested that a time frame be established in the revision to "stop the bleeding". Pray tell, why would the city all of a sudden start to obey a revised ordinance when they haven't been obeying the current one? The city breaking the law has been no big deal to the city nor to the ECP board, who has yet to address it.

Discussion was held to allow the executive director of ECP to start to discuss contract increases (which B&M suggested) with various customers. Why in the world would anybody agree to a rate increase when the future of ECP is still up in the air?

Commissioner Fred Burow wanted to know why ECP didn't begin contract negotiations a couple of years ago when it was apparent that monies were being lost. Not surprisingly, ECP director Bill Ryan blamed the state legislature and Coleen blamed the economy, although she didn't explain how the economy was to blame before it tanked.

In today's Tribune, Coleen was quoted as saying that "financing is getting very close" for the natural gas-fired power plant. (I don't recall her reporting that to the public last night). Of course, we heard for years that funding was real close for the coal plant too. As a commenter reported at Electric City Weblog, this could be the carrot she uses to try to convince current customers to increase their rates.


Anonymous said...

What fool(s) would invest in this shadow project that has two major lawsuits pending against it that could shut down the project leaving any investment going nowhere forever. Are there really that kind of BIG suckers out there? I have this bridge.....

This sounds like the typical Gregori charade he rolled out for years regarding the now defunct coal plant fiasco!

Anonymous said...

Coleen also said the PPL Contract was good. Well, no way to verify that as that nuts and bolts of that contract are secret.
I guess when Mr. Lawton said there was no risk, he ment for the customers of ECP. Coleen said that future contracts would be cost plus.
That is what Mr. Golie, past Chair has always told the poblic as to how the business was opperated all along. But it would be hard for him to know as he NEVER asked for financials for years. NEVER. There was a reluctance to do anything but cheerlead.
I still don't get what their motivation is. What stupidos.

Lt. Col (R) Richard Liebert said...

Changing he law - Ex Post Facto - doesn't solve the problem or make
ECP any more profitable, and only diminishes the city's integrity even more and contrary to the efforts to increase public trust and confidence. Raise the rates as
suggested and develop a phased exit
strategy as a valid option.

Anonymous said...

If I can just get em to believe this BS for another couple of years then I am out-a-here with a big fat retirement....Timmy G

flleeced said...

Yep, see how many more fools keep buying into the fantasy and the 'Big R' retirement for Harold Hill......aka...