Monday, October 19, 2009

Learn About Mountaintop Removal

A lot is going on this week. Another presentation is also on tap for Thursday, Oct. 22nd:

: Presentation on mountaintop removal in the Appalachians
When: Thursday, Oct. 22 from 7-8:30pm in Room B101 at MSU-COT

Word has it that a company from Canada is proposing to do mountaintop removal on a mountain North of Glacier Park.


Union Man said...

Thanks for posting. The coal companies promised affluence and prosperity for Appalachians, but
they've only had their communities ruined along with their health.

Great Falls Guy said...

Remember that Tim Gregori (SME) said that our local coal reserves were not off the table for him if his King Koal Plant were to be built.

We all know his longterm dream is to build that big SMOKESTACK in our near future!

We must remain ever vigilante.....