Saturday, October 10, 2009

BBB Rating

According to a snippet in today's "The Edge", Standard & Poor's has assigned SME a BBB credit rating, which is the lowest investment bond rating. (Several months ago when members of the public asked what the rating was and who had rated SME, Gregori was not forthcoming).

From Standard & Poor's:
Issue: Southern Montana Electric Generation & Transmission Cooperative ICR
Maturity Date: Jan 01, 2099
Rating: BBB/Stable
Rating Date: May 07, 2009


Anonymous said...

"Maturity Date: Jan 01, 2099"

DO we all have to extend our contract 40 MORE years? Or does the rating agency think it will take 40 years to sell these pieces of worthless paper?

Anonymous said...

Now EVERYONE should know, for sure, the Gregori spin is just that, "JUNK".

Great Falls Guy said...

Well, this shows that Tribune does have the capability to do investigative reporting. Good for them, its just too bad they waited so long to check out the Gregori(SME) spin machine.