Tuesday, December 16, 2008

SME Met Their Deadline

Today, DEQ ruled that SME did begin construction of HGS before the November 30 deadline of their air quality permit. (On December 4, EarthJustice wrote to DEQ claiming that SME failed to meet their deadline).

It's not all said and done though. DEQ is still considering how to proceed concerning this violation.


Anonymous said...

Great, I want to get to know this judge. I can skip paying my insurance until I might actually need to file a claim. Rules & laws mean nothing.

Anonymous said...

DEQ has just been 'posturing' on exercising oversight, nothing but hollow gestures to enhance the governor's status as a 'green' warrior...it's all 'green eyewash' in Helena, speak wind on one hand while spouting coal....Koal in your stocking this winter state gov't.

Anonymous said...

The DEQ (Department of ENVIRONMENT QUALITY) is misnamed!