Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Power Rate Worksheets

Below, you will find attachments from last night's slide presentation on power rate comparisions between SME and NWE. The ECP numbers reflect very closely what those customers paid for their power.

The 2009 numbers on page 5 reflect the numbers for July 2008.

According to Coleen, the figures paid to SME are exact. So why then does the July 2008 payment to SME on page 5 not agree with what has been reported on the consent agenda's $5,000 report?

According to the $5,000 report, the payment to SME was $855,058 (807,320 + 47,738) for July power. The report presented last night indicates a payment of $886,768. That's a $31,710.00 difference.

Does this represent a timing difference (some invoices are being received after the books are closed for the month) or are additional monies paying for something else?

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