Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Cable 7

I was unable to attend last night's City Commission meeting, but according to this article in today's Tribune, an exchange between members of the City Commission and Cable 7 board became contentious.

Last Thursday, the Cable 7 board voted to dissolve the channel, because they do not have enough funding to pay for liability insurance and new equipment. The board blames the City Commission for not allocating this funding.

If you attended last night's meeting, please share your comments.


Anonymous said...

This mayor is just plain whacky and may be more dangerous to our cities reputation than the last idiot - mayor Stebbins!

Lt. Col (R) Richard Liebert said...

Check the Tribune's editorial all.....we justly requested some help, mere 'crumbs' compared to the city's squandered investments.
As a member of the board, we've been advising the city from the START last winter when we volunteered to salvage a 'sinking ship' and received NO help to 'right the ship' here we are and we await action from the city manager who we looked IN THE EYES and I told him about the insurance liabilities and lack of modern equipment and needed the half-time employee to full-time to get all of us 'out of the ditch'....

Lt. Col (R) RIchard Liebert said...

THAT tells the story, plain and simple.......citizens can also visit city website where our Cable 7 minutes have been posted for ALL to read, and the city must post a disclaimer that Cable 7 does not authorize any use of it's name any longer. The city can identify itself as the broadcaster, but as of 1 October, the city is not carrying appropriate insurance and so it goes..

7viewer said...

Cable 7, Inc has started a website to help with the process of dissolving the company and explaining, with supporting documentation, the reasons for doing so.

This is another major loss to our community that could have been avoided.

The volunteer citizens Cable 7 board has worked to resurrect what city staff has completely wrecked over the past seven years. The records will speak for themselves when all is revealed and authorities begin to investigate.

Visit and judge for yourselves at: