Thursday, July 22, 2010

SME Told To Stop Construction

According to this article at KRTV, SME has been directed by Cascade County to stop construction activities at its site on Salem Road. This is response to last week's Montana Supreme Court ruling that the county illegally spot-zoned when rezoning agricultural land to heavy industrial in March 2008.


Lt. Col (Ret) Richard Liebert said...

SME Electric or Southern I wonder in terms of who 'owns' that property out there, but that's academic as per the tax rolls I sssume. The ain't farming with backhoes out there, and 'pre-construction' like being just a 'little bit' pregnant!

Anonymous said...

Tim Gregori, in yesterday's Tribune July 21,2010, stated that he is continuing with preconstrucion at the site. Lets hope that he remains within the law as defined by the counties notification to him. In the last go around with the coal plant he defied both the county and the state construction regulations and got away with it.