Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Balzarini Resigns

UPDATE: Here is Coleen's resignation letter.

I did not attend the ECP power board meeting last night, but according to this article, she resigned her position as executive director.

It's about time.

The ECP board, which is the City Commission, will appoint her replacement.

I certainly do not favor appointing someone within the Fiscal Service Department or any member of the City Commission. It's more than time to get an unbiased third party involved, whose main concern will be the interests of the City of Great Falls and its residents, not those of SME.


Lt. Col (R) Richard Liebert said...

Thanks Sandra for posting and preserving the information for all to examine. Let's hope we see ACTION now and no more 'slow-walking' what should have been done, and seven more weeks of losses?

Great Falls Guy said...

They need an expert in this position, there is no one in city hall or on the commission with those credentials. That and the lack of an effective business plan doomed this ill conceived adventure from the beginning. Either do it right or get out of a business the city knows absolutely nothing about running, NOW.....