Saturday, March 13, 2010

We'll Find Out Monday

As we learned a few days ago, SME asked Judge Phillips to stay his decision to open the city's black box. Evidently, SME has also filed a notice to appeal the judge's ruling with the Montana Supreme Court.

Yesterday, folks interested in looking at the documents released by the court order, were not allowed to look at them. (The city is waiting to hear from the judge, who is supposed to rule Monday, as to whether the city can open the records or not).

There must be some juicy tidbits in that box to continue to spend taxpayer and cooperative members' monies to keep the damn things secret.


Anonymous said...

Our wonderful leadership at silly hall has LOST the opportunity to be transparent to the public. Judge Gregori still rules there!

Lt. Col (R) RIchard Liebert said...

Our new city attorney has a daunting task ahead of him, and he's catching up, but our city manager needs to show more resolve, as he's been here TWO years, and time to 'Saddle Up'....

We're all pulling for our city leadership, and especially Mr. Santoro, as he's now learning how devious our Billings partner is.