Monday, March 15, 2010

Judge Says No To SME

Good news.

Today, Judge Phillips denied SME's appeal to keep citizens from seeing the documents in the "black box".

Several city advocates visited City Hall today to start the process of reviewing the items.

Thanks to Gregg for posting the order.


Great Falls Guy said...

Finally, a great day in GF. Good way to start "sunshine week". Our state Constitution shines today for the citizens!

Lt. Col (R) Richard Liebert said...

Sandra, ALL AMERICANS invited down to city hall to scrutinize the documents the 'remarkable' behavior of city staff and our 'friends' in Billings. A LOT t to examine, as transparency was forbidden and I commend Mayor Winters and the commission - especially Mary's diligence - for showing COURAGE. I thank Lisa Kunz, City Clerk for her integrity and COMMEND Mr. Jim Santoro, our new city attorney for showing grace, initiative and resolve and RESPECT for our constitutional rights.

Anonymous said...

Lisa Kuntz (City Clerk) is 100% professional. A true asset to city government and a great community member! I don't know Mr. Santoro but it appears he is off to a fabulous start!