Monday, February 15, 2010

Resignation Called For

Beartooth Electric Cooperative is calling for the resignation of their president, John Prinkki:

FEBRUARY 15, 2010
TO: John Prinkki, Beartooth Electric Cooperative Board President
Subject: Resignation Request, for cause

At our Joliet Town Hall Meeting on January 16, 2010 and a meeting held for Beartooth Electric Cooperative (BEC) members in Clark, Wyoming, a consensus was reached to ask for your resignation. I volunteered to write the request. The BEC members can no longer tolerate or afford the actions of yourself and Tim Gregori of Southern Montana Electric (SME).

It was reported that SME wrote off $9.1 million dollars in 2009. The 2008 income tax report of SME showed that the $9.1 million was written off in 2008. For you to keep this a secret until after the annual BEC meeting and your re-election to the board is intolerable. It constitutes fraud, if not criminally, it was morally wrong. This withholding of the $9.1 million write-off rendered the BEC financial statement presented at the 2009 BEC annual meeting invalid. The members who re-elected you at that meeting did so under false pretenses.

For BEC members to be paying for electricity for Northwestern Energy customers, Southern Montana Electric members and Electric City Power members is ludicrous.

I will remind you that The Beartooth Vigilance Committee presently has over 300 signed petitions for revision of the BEC Bylaws. That is more than the membership present at the 2009 BEC annual meeting. BEC has over 4000 members and there was less than 200 members who voted at the annual meeting. There is something wrong with that.
Larry Luloff
Beartooth Vigilance Committee
208 Stormitt Butte Road
Roberts, MT 59070

c.c. Ron Roodell
Beartooth Electric Board Members


Anonymous said...

The words Tim Gregori and fraud seem to pop up together each week in some form or another. Is this merely a coincidence or are the wheels falling off Tim's magic bus?

Anonymous said...

Looks like the posse is finally on the heals of this snake oil flim-flam man!