Monday, February 1, 2010

Feb. 2010 ECP Board Meeting

When: Monday, Feb. 1 at 5:30pm
Where: Gibson Room

Agenda Packet here.

1. Financial Reports
a.Electric Fund as Extracted from the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report with Independent Accountant’s Report on Applying Agreed-upon Procedures
b. Year to date Financials to be provided

2. ECP Inc Energy Contracts Summary

3. Highwood Generation Station
a. Status Report
b. Southern Board Motions dated January 22, 2010

4. Renewable Energy Credits
a. PSC Docket No. N2009.10.137, Order No. 7053, Re: Renewable Portfolio Standard Compliance Filings for Compliance Year 2008
b. 2010 Compliance year kwh’s

5. YVEC vs. Southern Montana Electric Generation and Transmission Cooperative Inc ETAL. (Cause no. DV08-1797):

6. PSC Chair Greg Jergeson Related Communications:
a. Greg Jergeson’s report, emailed in advance
b. Great Falls Tribune article dated January 9, 2010
c. Great Falls Tribune Editorial from Director Pancich dated January 14, 2010
d. Greg Jergeson’s letter to Mayor Winters dated January 25, 2010
e. Email from Travis Kavulla to Director Pancich dated January 26, 2010
f. Great Falls Tribune Article from January 27, 2010

1. Accept Board Meeting Minutes from December 7, 2009
2. Election of Chair and Vice-Chair

Joint Worksession Meeting of the Great Falls City Commission and Electric City Board of Directors- January 11,2010 Minutes

1. Handouts from December 7, 2009, meeting
2. Southern Montana Electric G&T Cooperative, Inc. 2008 Form 990
3. WREGIS Fee Matrix
4. NWE Natural Gas Utility Unit Rate Adjustments/Proposed Rates and NWE Monthly Electric Supply Tracker Rate Change Detail – January and February
5. Public comment


Anonymous said...

To bad the city manager inappropriately canceled the ECP January meeting as some of this agenda material was, according to the by-laws, supposed to be accomplished at that January meeting. This joint meeting now looks to be an all night-r with many important issues and question with perhaps no answers on their plate. Should be interesting to see these ECP board experts in action for a change......

Anonymous said...

We can only hope..............

Anonymous said...

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