Monday, January 4, 2010

Off To A Great Start

UPDATE: Evidently, ECP isn't going to meet until after the commission has their video teleconference with Burns and McDonnell. I find it interesting this little tidbit couldn't be posted sooner. From the city's website:

Electric City Power Meeting
As discussed at the December Electric City Power Board meeting, scheduling the date and time for the next ECP Board meeting will be determined subsequent to the video conference meeting with the City Commission and Burns & McDonnell.

I see ECP is off to a great start for the new year. Tonight is supposed to be their board meeting and it's not listed on the city's calendar nor on ECP's city page either. The Tribune doesn't have it listed either in today's public meeting column.

Nothing like keeping the public guessing. And then they have the audacity to wonder why members of the public don't trust them.


DC Watcher said...

This 'discussion' is in the mind
of the executive director, telephatically 'directed' to the's all LIES and

Anonymous said...

What planet is this woman (Ms. Balzarini) from?