Saturday, January 9, 2010

A Critique Of The Burns And McDonnell Report

Here is the critique of the Burns and McDonnell report written by Greg Jergeson, the chair of the Montana Public Service Commission.

It pretty much says it all; the city paid $60,000 for a whitewash:

"As a whole, it is regretted that the City of Great Falls did not get better value for its money, for the Burns & McDonnell report is surely an insufficient product, grounded in facts which are simply incorrect".


Publius II said...

Finally, by Montanans (PSC, not consulting 'hacks' from MO) for Montanans.......we DEMAND open government consultants!

Anonymous said...

Excellent report, now lets see if city hall and the ECP Board can understand it? That would really be something to behold!