Tuesday, January 12, 2010

City Commission/ECP meeting

Here is the play-by-play by Travis of the joint City Commission/ECP meeting held last night.

If you attended, let us know your thoughts.


Anonymous said...

The mayor says he needs to be brought up to speed on this issue. Where has he been for the past five years. Perhaps he should peek into the secret box as commissioner Jolley has done.

DC Watcher said...

They'll all have to learn fast
and we need you Sandra to help
backstop with questions and comments if things slip past the commission, as it's going to be
very tedious, but we've DONE our
homework, know the issues and there to help bring out the Truthk and don't bet on the ECP crew to do it, as they couldn't answer simple, direct questions last night well presented by Mayor Winters...they thought it was
going to be a lark, but it AIN'T.