Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Cable 7 Breakthrough

At this time, the link to forward the online application (see below) does not work. As soon as it is repaired, I'll let you know.

For quite sometime, several concerned citizens have expressed discontent with the lack of public meeting coverage supplied by Cable 7. Last year, the city cut Cable 7's budget (page 8) and currently has only 1 part-time employee.

What is frustrating is that the city receives $656,000 (page 13) in franchise fees from Bresnan, but allocated only $21,000 toward Cable 7. It's also been very frustrating and hard to understand why the "current" board hasn't met in years.

Suffice it to say Cable 7 has not been taken seriously for a very long time.

Last night, Mayor Winters asked if anyone would be interested in sitting on Cable 7's board. If you are, visit here for the application or contact Kevin Manthey at 761-8123 or


Great Falls Guy said...

It was pretty obvious, from last evenings telecast, that cable channel seven has some very serious problems.

For the first hour the audio feed was not functioning at all, probably due to the fact that their equipment is ancient by todays standards.

They always have some microphone problems, but last night was a total disaster for the first half of the commission meeting.

This outfit is just one step away from being worthless to the public and needs some serious oversight and funding asap!

Lt. Col (R) Richard Liebert said...

Absolutely. There was no excuse
to reduce Cable 7's budget, and worse, no board met to justify the reduction which seriously detracts from public transparency, which is what PUBLIC medi is all about. I commend the mayor for calling for volunteers to help REVIVE Cable 7 and restore the budget so we can have a full-time employee, better equipment and studio and offer more public service and shows to help downtown and shelter adoptions.