Wednesday, December 2, 2009

20' Smoking Rule

At last night's City Commission meeting, discussion was held concerning repealing a city ordinance that does not allow smoking within 20' from a public building entrance, window or vent.

Several commented that the ordinance is not wrong; the fact that a few businesses are evidently having a problem complying doesn't constitute doing away with the rule entirely.

On December 15, a public hearing will be held and a decision may or may not be made at that time.

What do you think? Take my very unofficial poll and share your thoughts.


Anonymous said...

You must realize that a well funded "war on smokers" is underway. Here's where it started:

And what the 99 million dollars was going to. Note on page seven the "inside -out", provision going for patios later, AFTER business owners spend thousands of dollars to build them to accommodate their smoking customers, clearly showing that the tobacco control activists have ABSOLUTLY NO CONCERN about local issues or businesses. You may need to CTRL and scoll to enlarge it.

Here's the "model ban" from page eight that many communities copied, printed, and passed. It's the "smoking ban for dummies" It only takes a few minutes to fill in the blanks naming your community, the administrators names, and blanks to customize it to your community. Note that it doesn't mention patios. They don't want anyone to know that they will be targeted next.

Rich Liebert said...

Why not just remove 20 foot rule for businesses and leave in place for government buildings? Isn't that reasonable?

GeeGuy said...

Sure, Rich, but we have to allow marijuana smoking within 20' of government buildings!