Thursday, November 19, 2009

Major Problems With Bresnan

If you've been experiencing Internet problems for about the past 2 months, don't necessarily blame your computer.

During the past couple of months, our home computer upload times have been worse than pathetic. One time a webpage took more than 45 minutes to upload and that was late afternoon. By later in the evening, the problem is even worse.

A few weeks ago my husband took our speed tests to Bresnan and was told they had gotten a few complaints, but that nobody had actually brought in proof of their problems. The fellow admitted that his kids had been complaining about the speed, or lack thereof, but wouldn't admit that Bresnan was having problems. He told my husband he would look into it.

A few days later, hubby visited with them again and was told they had found a "slow relay" and would be replacing it. Well, that was more than 2 weeks ago, and quite frankly, nothing has changed.

Even though my/our frustration level is running pretty high right now, we are comforted by the fact that we are not alone.

Thanks to TinoMT who posted these links at the Tribune Forum:

Bureau of Consumer Protection (FTC)

The Better Business Bureau (BBB)

Federal Communications Commission (FCC)

Montana Department of Consumer Protection

Now for the guys who helped award Bresnan with the Montana contract:

Gov. Brian Schweitzer (Montana State Govenor [sic])

Montana Department of Administration

Montana Information Technology Services Division

Montana University System

The Montana Standard (The are the guys who posted that bogus story about Bresnan fixing the speed issue)

OthersRipoff Reports


Jim R. said...

Just ran a speed test at dslreport... 2 tests to Comcast in Denver and MegaPath Networks in San Fran... and the results:

704 Kb/s download
813 Kb/s upload

MegaPath Networks:
963 Kb/s download
561 Kb/s upload

I'm paying for the top tier speed... and at least right now... am getting ripped off by the hacks at Bresnan.

Anonymous said...

Bresnan is working fine tonight with speeds as expected. Have you run a trace to Maybe you are not routing the same path as me? The .360 node through Denver was the big lag recently with pings in the 700 - 800 ms range.

Anonymous said...

Tracerts are great if that's what you're into. Personally, I like youtube, vimeo, facebook, etc. None of those work at decent speeds for the past few months. There is some talk on that they may be placing higher priority on ping and tracert packets because the download speed is still crap.

Anonymous said...

Nope, routing over the 360 network was the problem. If you have been tracing and monitoring progress you would have observed the blockage. Speed tests are not that valuable of a tool because you are only looking at their capability but if you are into those tests, is showing:

Miami ping 123 ms, down 8.45 Mbps, up.23 Mbps, Seattle ping 34, down 8.22, up .30, Anchorage pin 111, down 8.25, up .28

You may have other issues.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:52 pm

How do you explain so many people have the same or about the same problem?

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:52
"Miami ping 123 ms, down 8.45 Mbps, up.23 Mbps, Seattle ping 34, down 8.22, up .30, Anchorage pin 111, down 8.25, up .28"

So you think the poorest UP speed (your test average = 0.27Mbps) in the nation is acceptable?

Anonymous said...

It's Jan and I've been having these issue for months in Grand Junction, Colorado. I've called and complained and it's alway about my router or my computers.

I run 50+ size small business IT departments for a living and have many T1+ routers and have been doing this for years.

They make me feel like a retard.

I'm feed up!
400K/300K 108ms to denver, thats 3 hours away!!!!!!! I could carry data on a jump drive faster than using bresnan!!!!!