Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Not So Fast, Mr. Ecke

In yesterday's paper, Rich Ecke wrote a piece about the ECP board meeting held Monday night. In the article, he stated,

As the city's electric utility improves its stated bottom line, the audience for Electric City Power Board meetings appears to be shrinking. Only eight people showed up for Monday's meeting, including two city commissioners, the acting city attorney, a Tribune reporter and three members of the public.
There needs to be some clarification here. Since I have been attending these meetings, this board has never generated very much interest. And why should it? Very little of substance is ever discussed. When the dog and pony show comes up from Billings, attendance improves.

On the average, about 8-10 people from the public regularly attend. Of this number, 5 were missing Monday night; 3 of us had other commitments and 2 were out of town.

To surmise that all of sudden interest has dwindled because Coleen says the entity is improving its bottom line, is very much incorrect.

See here, here and here.


DC Watcher said...

Wondderful Tribune 'logic'...

Great Falls Guy said...

I agree Sandra. Rich Ecke seems to forget that many folks do have lives. Also, he gets paid for his time, we do not. I personally had other commitments that evening or would have been there. Also, I have attended many of these meetings in the past when there was no Tribune reporter in attendance or they left very early.