Friday, October 30, 2009

More Tribune Problems

So much for printing the backlog of city election letters to the editor. Today, there are seven letters to the editor and not a one of them has anything to do with the election.

On the opposite side of the editorial page, is a sample ballot along with the names of those running for Neighborhood Councils.

According to the NC list, these folks running for Neighborhood Councils are "write-in" candidates. No, they are not. These people went down and filed and their names actually appear on the ballot. There is only one "declared write-in" for any Neighborhood Council; me, Sandra Guynn, NC4. (Since I filed for mayor, I could not also file for NC). Declared write-in names do not appear on the ballot.

And what's with the November 6, 2007 date?


Travis said...

I know of at least 5 people who wrote you in Sandra so I would not worry!

Sandra Guynn said...

I'm a shoo-in anyway because I'm a DECLARED write-in and we only had 1 person file when we needed 5.

How much confusion will this cause if folks look at this and think they also have to write-in the names of their candidates even though their names are already on the ballot? One wouldn't think so, but...

Discouraged said...

How nice of the Tribune to shut off the People's opportunity to comment on candidates, no matter who they are.....what's going on here? Where's this 'backlog'? It's just another 'stumbling block' put out by the Tribune.

Anonymous said...


You need to reread that Tribune item. It never says there is a backlog of "election letters." It does there there is a backlog of letters, which could be on any topic.

Why don't you just call the Tribune and ask? It may be that all election letters have been published.

In past elections the Tribune always has cut off letters two or three days before the elections to avoid having someone make an unfair charge that an opponent can't counter. That's probably why it is cutting off letters at this late time.

Why guess? Just call and ask.