Friday, October 23, 2009

The Great One Has Spoken Once Again

According to Tim Gregori, there is "justifiable optimism" that he will obtain funding for his gas plant. He claims that financing is "nearly within reach". Does this admission mean he is finally through misrepresenting the financing he never had?

Honestly. What's it going to take? A majority of the coops and the City of Great Falls going bankrupt? How many times does Gregori have to be proven wrong before these knotheads wake up? By his own admission, he's finally had to admit that he was not telling the truth when he told everybody that financing was not a problem. And yet here they are, still hanging on every word he says, as though he walks on water.

This also seems to include the reporter from the Billings Gazette.

According to this article, a BBB bond rating is considered "medium-quality investment grade". Oh really? According to here and here, it's one step above junk and that basically, it would be a financing entity living in the twilight zone who would even consider bankrolling a project with this rating.

But...No worries. Be happy. The Great One has spoken and "financing is nearly within reach".

H/T: R.L.


Anonymous said...

It is mind-boggling to watch this fellow (Gregori) in action. He is as sooth as teflon and just as slippery. The concoctions he feeds the media and many leaders are readily gobbled up, with little thought and investigation, even though they eventually choke on it. Just amazing!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Sorry "SMOOTH" as TEFLON. I think you got the meaning though?

GeeGuy said...

"Nearly within reach?"

Well, if it's not "within reach" now, that means it is out of reach, doesn't it?

I guess he saying financing is out of reach, but not that far out of reach.