Tuesday, September 1, 2009

No Surprise Here


The city's fiscal service director has finally acknowledged that a portion of the "investment" into the Highwood Generating Station will have to be written off. Since SME is no longer pursuing a coal plant, some of the city's $2.3 million "investment" can't carry over to the gas plant.

But, according to Ms. Balzarini, we should be looking on the bright side: "It's not surprising and I don't think we can be disappointed," Balzarini commented on the planned write-off. She said assets often can lose value over time".

What asset did we ever have?


Anonymous said...

The city should have sold this most valuable asset (HGS Investment) when Balzanini called it such. However, I doubt if she could ever have found a willing sucker at any time during the course of these incompetent events.

Billing resident and developer Tim Gregorie through his local pawns Ms. Balzarini, ex-city manager John Lawton, and ex-mayor Randy Grey have rapped our community with this HGS/ECP fiasco foisted on our community.....

Anonymous said...

Just when one thinks it can't get any worse Coleen speaks and we feel like puking.

I guess if we are disapointed we are just acting like children and should grow up and take it "like a man, silently."

I repeat we NEVER invested in a Gas plant, we have no investment in a gas plant. SME doesn't need us anymore we are being kicked to the curb. Let's not be disapointed. ok?

Anonymous said...

The only SME gas plant exists in Tim's south end, nothing more than that.

DC Watcher said...

ENRON anybody?

big sky husker said...

She's an idiot. Couldn't find her ass with a map and an embarrassment to Great Falls.