Thursday, August 20, 2009

Who Is Running The Show?

Why does city staff do this and more importantly, why does the City Commission allow it?

At Tuesday night's work session, they scheduled four agenda items; one being the social host ordinance.

You're not going to tell me that they didn't know at the time of the agenda setting meeting (8/12) that this ordinance was not a hot topic. Did they honestly not think this item was not going to take some time? Well, it did. About 45 minutes. (This meeting started at 5:30pm. The City Commission meeting started at 7:00pm).

That left not much more than 35-40 minutes to hear about these issues:
Downtown Tax Increment Fund (TIF) Projects – Patton/Basta/Doney
House Bill 645 Project Substitutions – Cheryl Patton and Mike Rattray
COPS Grant Update – Chief Grove

I don't recall hearing much about HB645 and the COPS grant update had to be postponed to the next work session. The Downtown Tax Increment Fund discussion could have used more time as well.

I can't help but think that whenever this happens, and it has, more than once, that city staff, for whatever reason, doesn't want certain items to be delved into with much detail. Otherwise, why do it?


Anonymous said...

One would think that the commissioners) would have some input on THEIR agenda for THEIR work sessions. This just goes to show how the tail wags the dog in this town.....

Anonymous said...

enough of the conspiracies folks! The COPS update was postponed because Corky is out of town on vacation....nothing more

Anonymous said...

And that was not known when the item was scheduled?

Anonymous said...

Anon's 8:34 & 9:07

Maybe you should re-read the original statement here on "Cataract City". I think you completely missed the point. You must be city administration!

Sandra Guynn said...

Anon. at 8:34am:

Did you actually attend the work session? Because if you had, you would have heard Lt. Lockerby say that he didn't have enough time to give his presentation and asked that it be rescheduled to the next meeting.

Anonymous said...

Tim Shanks, not Locekerby was at the Work Session to deliver the COPS info. Time ran out because Chad Parker went on too long and jolley asked a lot of questions.
Also BID went on too long too.