Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What The Commission Candidates Think Of ECP

The Tribune has started to print answers to various questions they submitted a short time ago to the City Commission candidates. You can find today's article pertaining to ECP here. Unfortunately, I could not find the candidates answers online so scanned the print version of them.

The first question:

Do you think the city should shut down its utility arm, Electric City Power, or should the city try to make its venture more profitable? The city stood to lose an estimated $4.75 million if it suddenly liquidated its electrical energy business earlier this year.

My responses and additional comments to all of the questions will also be posted at my Sandra Guynn For Mayor blog as well.


Anonymous said...

"Should not dump their investment"

This is the only thing I took away from the article, nothing else sticks in my mind like that boneheaded comment.

I'm embarrassed we have a sitting commissioner that is so ignorant. Good thing for Roesenbaum the Tribune only has a few hundred readers.

Jim R. said...

Rosenbaum's comment provides insight, doesn't it? "Should not dump their investment." Gee... an investment that's lost money every year for 5 years in a row. I wonder what his definition of a loss is.

Anonymous said...

Yes incumbents, keep throwing good money after bad!