Friday, July 3, 2009

Final Slate Of Candidates

Yesterday was the final day to file for the Mayoral seat and two City Commissioner positions on the City Commission. Following are the candidates for each office, listed in alphabetical order:

Bill Bronson (current City Commissioner)
Sandra Guynn
John Hubbard
Michael Winters
Michael Witsoe

City Commissioner:
Fred Burow
Kathleen Gessaman
Robert Jones
Roland Leitheiser
Ed McKnight
John Rosenbaum (incumbent)
Donna Zook


Anonymous said...

Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha! Witsoe and Hubbard will give you a run for your money!

Anonymous said...

Hey Anon:

Where you been? April Fools Day is long since past!

Anonymous said...

as usual, and like a Pavlovian response, the character of those who support/are the status quo is revealed.

Thank you for your revealing comment anon 1:20.

Anonymous said...

Witsoe and Hubbard??? All I can say is thank goodness there will be a primary. John and Mike couldn't gain enough votes (combined) to keep out of the bottom of the primary. The rest of the "new" candidates look pretty good. At least several of them have demonstrated they have the fortitude to tell the voters how they stand on issues. That alone is refreshing.

Anonymous said...

The discussions and debates will be interesting and colorful. Witsoe and Hubbard at least know what is happening around town and in our city government (they are regulars at most city commission meetings) which is more than I can say for the likes of some of the other candidates whom barely know where city hall is.....

Anonymous said...

Quite right and at least Mr. Witsoe and Mr. Hubbard have been to meetings, and where have the other candidates been? What are their 'motivations' I wonder?

Anonymous said...

Witsoe and Hubbard are honest and don't mince words.

They are among the less fortunate in our community and have a perspective others can not even imagine.

Listen very closely.

Anonymous said...

Yes, listen closely and you will hear the babbling of idiots - one is a killer and the other is mentally ill.
How sad!

Anonymous said...

listen closely as the status quo reaches for an example of something they can use as an excuse to deflect from the real issue of their failure.

How revealing, to try and make an issue of a non-issue.

I suppose next they will attack personalities of other challengers.

How predictable.

How sad.