Thursday, July 30, 2009

ECP Consultants

According to Commissioner Jolley, the consultants hired to review the city's ongoing foray into public power are tentatively scheduled to meet with the public on August 11 at 7:00pm. The location has not yet been decided.

I think it's great news the ECP board may not be around. It's my understanding they've already had their chance to talk with these folks.

It's long overdue for the public to have a chance to voice their concerns on this boondoggle without having to put up with the less than professional behavior from the chair of this board and its director.

I certainly hope that no city commissioner, city staffer or ECP board member is involved with this meeting. If they want to show up, they show up as an audience member only with no preferential treatment given.


Anonymous said...

Sandra, I have to disagree with your comment regarding your desire that no city official and/or ECP Director attend the public meeting. I think it is important for city officials and ECP Directors to hear comments from the public. There will be people at the who strongly oppose the project. It is important for those people to be heard. It would be nice if more than just the few "hard-core" individuals who always show up at meetings could be heard stating their reasons for opposing the project. It would also be appropriate for supporters of the project to state the reasons for their support.

I believe a good debate of the issues is important for the consultants to witness. It probably won't have an impact on the final report from the consultants, but at least we will see our democracy in action. I hope all of the candidates for city commission and mayor attend the public meeting.

Sandra Guynn said...

Anon. @ 10:25pm:

Thank you for your thoughtful insights.

I didn't say I didn't want them to attend. I said I don't want them involved with it. What I meant by that statement was that I clearly do not want any city official or ECP board member to chair this meeting or be allowed to sit around the table as "special guests" of these folks.

Our officials have had their opportunity to speak privately with these people. The public was not invited to observe and comment at these consultations. It is only fair then that the citizens be afforded the same opportunity to express their opinions and concerns without being subjected to snickers, eye-rolling and snippy comments when they speak.

You are spot on when you say it "would be nice if more than just the few "hard-core" individuals who always show up at meetings could be heard stating their reasons for opposing the project." Perhaps the reason more folks don't participate could be the less than inviting atmosphere that exists whenever these meetings are held.

I hope if you don't already attend City Commission meetings or ECP board meetings, that you begin to do so and share your thoughts and concerns.

Anonymous said...

Spot on Sandra. Keep up the good work informing the public with the TRUTH.....