Friday, January 2, 2009

"Blast Was Put On"

2009 marks the 125th anniversary of Great Falls.

As a way to celebrate, Cataract City will be highlighting historic events, posting photos and occasionally publishing relevant crossword puzzles.

Courtesy of the Cascade County Historical Society
The Silver Smelter, looking northeast

We get things off to a grand start by announcing that on January 2, 1889, the Silver Smelter produced its first 10 bars of silver when the "blast was put on". Note: The Silver Smelter was not where our famous "smoke stack" was located.

A local couple, Gary and Sandra Guynn, have a website devoted to this first major industrial endeavor of Great Falls.

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Jerry said...

Thank you for this wonderful local history lesson. Your website ( presents the local history very well and I would encourage all to take a look.

I grew up in Neihart and the Little Belt mountains my grandfather was the Justice of Peace in Neihart and my father worked the silver mines there. Likewise, my mother grew up in Monarch and her father was the dentist for the all the miners in the area. This area has a very rich history as your presentations here note very well.

Thanks for doing this.....