Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Udder Factory And Maria Louisa's

I normally don't post the goings on of the various eateries in Great Falls, but this memo was sent to me by Aaron Weissman, the chair of Neighborhood Council 7.

It's always good to see folks concerned about what is going in their neighborhoods even if the issue doesn't involve the city.

This memo is from Trina Knoche:
Hey Friends:
Just thought I should let all of you know what the scoop is with The Udder Factory.... We have had many changes in the last few weeks.

Sadly, Marie Louisa's Italian Restaurant closed on Friday 10/31. Jeff and I are planning to reopen the restaurant by January 2009. We are planning on gourmet burgers, fresh fries, soups, salads and bring back the Turkey Sandwiches! However, at this stage, we are open for any ideas from our friends. Let me know if you have any suggestions.

Today we were supposed to start our coffees, lattes, espressos and homemade pastries ( Matt who helps with the Ice Cream is a Pastry Chef and everything is fabulous). We put in the coffee machine and it didn't work, replaced it and it didn't work.... needless to say, we won't have coffee drinks today, but planning on it tomorrow.

So sorry for the delay, however we think it will be worth the wait

We are very grateful to all of you and your continued support of The Udder Factory!

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david said...

Thanks for the update -- I absolutely LOVE the Udder Factory!