Monday, November 17, 2008

I Hope This Doesn't Become A Habit

This is not a post about whether or not Council 7 is right to want the downtown police officer reassigned back to downtown.

This council perceives it to be a problem and they are working hard to accommodate what the neighborhood wants.

What I have a real problem with is Commissioner Bronson's statement that the council didn't offer "specific solutions" to their recommendation.

Wait just a minute.

Citizens have the right to complain about problems and suggest recommendations to the city. When all of a sudden did it become necessary that they also bring solutions along for the ride? Isn't that why we have a city manager, city staff and a city commission, who by the way, is supposed to represent the citizens of this fair city?

It goes without saying we have to be reasonable and realistic in our requests and work within appropriate parameters, but when city commissioners start telling citizens they have to also come to the party with solutions to their problems, something is terribly wrong.

Work with the citizens Mr. Bronson, not against them.


Anonymous said...

Is this part of Bronson's leadership action based on his stated view that he is tired of citizens complaining?

Apparently Bronsen thinks his main purpose is to keep the seat warm and criticize people with legitimate complaints.

Or maybe thats just the act and the true purpose is to make sure no one ever questions or verifies any information disseminated by his close circle friends and partners, the who's who list of ECP insiders.

Way to "represent" us Bronson, take a bow.

Anonymous said...

As General Colin Powell said, 'when soldiers stop bringing their problems to their leaders, something IS terribly wrong in that unit.' This applies here, and have you ever noticed the body language of most of the commission? It's 'tense' and that doesnt' set a good tone and ambiance in the chambers, and is rather intimidating, a situation not help by time limits, police officers and 'attitude'....citizens should be civil, but an even higher standard is expected of those in power with authority.

Anonymous said...

The city manager is without comment or solutions lately, same goes for most commissioners. I guess the only ones with solutions are the public, but no one on the commission or staff listens. Do you remember parking meters, animal shelter, upper river drive rezoning, ECP, HGS? Citizens and groups brought solutions and recommendations to the commissioners whom turned a deaf ear and did as they damn well pleased. Tis a waste of time folks! These commissioners and several staff are a disaster for this community.

Bring on the 2009 elections..........

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, lets see,

citizens have to identify problems,
citizens have to provide solutions,
citizens have to ask question,
citizens have to provide answers,
citizens have to provide "oversight" of staff,
citizens have to demand the law be adhered to.

I'd like to comment and offer something intelligent, but all I can think of is - What the ****?